painfully self aware
If I had not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s. anais nin (via psych-facts)


as a skinny person, you are catered to and you don’t even realize it. did you ask for that? no and i understand that. but you will never cry your eyes out in a dressing room because even the largest size doesn’t fit. you will never deal with rejection from a guy solely because of your weight. you are socially accepted.

is any kind of body shaming disgusting? yes. but please don’t act like you’d rather be fat. 


Quiet life in the Swiss Alps. Photographed by @spatari. #swissalps #switzerland #takemethere (at Interlaken, Switzerland)



When we met, I wasn’t just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up, but you brought them down. You brought me home.

j e   s u i s   p r e s t.  i  a m   r e a d y.

c: “jesus h. roosevelt christ!”
j: “no, sassenech, just me.”
Two major types of INTJ


One of the most interesting things I read in relation to personality theory was Cognitive Styles. It is completely separate personality profiling system, but it can be used in conjunction with MBTI. And when you combine the two, you find out that there are two major types of INTJs

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What really makes me laugh is the fact that the same people who are saying that I am a “horrible person” are the ones I specifically go out of my way to make sure they percieve me properly. I do so many kind things behind the scenes, I guess people will just find a reason not to like me.


"foreign names are so complicated!!"
coming from people who have 50 ways to spell ashley

please be as weird as me please be as weird as me please be as weird as me me every time I meet someone   (via electric-daisy-forest)

one of the absolute worst feelings in the world is when you are talking about yourself to someone and they are looking at you like “this isn’t what i signed up for” and you can just tell that they are judging you and whatever relationship you could have had is throw out of the window

I am different, not less. Temple Grandin (via quotes-shape-us)